Pike County Attorney/Prosecutor

David Lee Brewer has served as the Pike County Attorney since his election in 2008.  He has been re-elected 3 times and is now serving in his 4th term.

As the County Prosecuting Attorney, David Lee Brewer represents the State in all investigations for felony cases heard by the Justice Court Judges in Pike County, Mississippi. The Prosecuting Attorney must also prosecute cases against persons charged within the Pike County Justice Court, and prosecute all State criminal cases within the Pike County Court. When criminal cases are appealed from the Justice Court to the County Court, the Prosecuting Attorney must prosecute the appeal.  Mr. Brewer has also handled appeals from the County Court to Circuit Court and from the Circuit Court to the Supreme Court of Mississippi in his role as prosecutor.

In addition to his justice and county court duties, County Attorney David Lee Brewer has handled the prosecution of all juvenile delinquency cases in Pike County as well as the protection of Pike County children who have been abused or neglected since being appointed Youth Court Prosecutor in 2005.

In Pike County, the Board of Supervisors also approved the appointment of Brewer as County Attorney, to represent the State in all mental, drug and alcohol commitments.

Any meetings with the County Attorney are held at 101 North Cherry Street, Magnolia, MS, and can be had by appointment only.  Justice Court matters are typically addressed on the trial date and Attorney Brewer ensures individuals that their concerns will be addressed properly and with zeal.

You may call The Brewer Law Firm, PLLC at 601.348.9212 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.